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PUBLIC ENEMYS DJ LORD(Guitar Center Spin Off 2004)

Avenged Sevenfold At: Guitar Center

Presented by JBL with host Nic Harcourt.
Premieres June 1st, 2014 on DIRECTV’s AUDIENCE (channel 239).
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Jeff Beck: At Guitar Center – Chasing the Treble

Mac Lethal “War Drum” At: Guitar Center

Memorizing The Fretboard – Easy Guitar Lesson – Guitar Tricks 42

Guitar Solo Technique Lesson 1 – How To Play Lead Guitar Solo – Guitar Tricks 11

You can find more guitar string bending tips and tricks here:

Guitar String Bending requires lots of strength. You can make it easier on your fingers if you aim to bend the string against the fret wire rather than the fingerboard. This mental attitude will give you more control when bending the strings on your guitar and you will need less strength in your fingers to perform large bends. It also helps with vibrato.

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Guitar Lesson 1 4 5 Progression – Beginner Guitar Lesson – Guitar Tricks 2

Diminished Two-Hand Tapping – Electric Guitar Lesson – Guitar Tricks 75

Susana (14 years old – 10 weeks of guitar lessons) plays Romanza
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