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Great old melodic blues – from Bob, of course. Ken’s voice is a bit low volume, but worth posting just to hear the harp solo – superb as usual.

Intermediate – Do you have Bieber Fever? This song only contains three bar chords. Get creative on your Acoustic or Electric Guitar with this keyboard driven song.

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“The Acoustic Samples Guitar Bundle” is a collection of three classic guitars that have been deeply sampled and lovingly scripted to be as intuitively musical and playable as possible.

Each guitar has it’s own highly distinctive sound and lend themsleves well to many music genres including Rock, Pop, Folk, and Underscore!

20GB Of Deeply Sampled & Highly Playable Classic Guitars

“The Acoustic Samples Guitar Bundle” is a collection of three classic guitars that have been lovingly recorded and scripted to bring you the most playable virtual guitar instruments ever in one insanely priced bundle!

This collection includes the following instruments:

The Sunbird (€129)
The GD-6 (€129)
The Telematic V3 (€119)

All three libraries have a set of features in common that are designed to make playing and songwriting a breeeze, inlcuding:

Strumming Engine – Easily Create Super-Realistic Acoustic Strumming Patterns
Pattern Mode – Program Realistic Guitar Patterns in Under a Minute
Pattern Maker – Make Strumming and Picking Patterns of Infinite Size
Song Builder – Compose Full Songs With Ease Using Preset Chord Patterns
Solo Mode – Play Beautiful Melodies with Automatic Hand Position

All of these products use the free UVI Workstation and don’t require any other software to function!

I am playing in the key of C major and blowing a key C major Lee Osaka Tombo mouth organ.
For version in D major:

“Red River Valley” is a folk song and cowboy music standard of controversial origins that has gone by different names with varying lyrics—e.g., “Cowboy Love Song”, “Bright Sherman Valley”, “Bright Laurel Valley”, “In the Bright Mohawk Valley”, and “Bright Little Valley”—depending on where it has been sung.
Recorded by numerous artistes – Gene Autry recorded the song for the 1936 film ‘Red River Valley’. He re-recorded the song with the Cass County Boys for the 1946 film ‘Sioux City Sue’ Autry’s recording later appeared on various Autry compilations, including Gene Autry’s Western Classics and The Essential Gene Autry 1933-1946.

Sadness and anger are taking turns in this instrumental. While the acoustic guitar is present in the sad parts, heavy distorted guitars take over when anger emerges from sadness. \r
The themes are played by strings and by the piano, sometimes accompanied by a decent electric guitar solo. As usual, all guitars (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar) played and recorded by Lost in Scores. \r
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Download PDF/Read Online Book: An in-depth study (324 pages) of all the percussion instruments, rhythms and song styles of Afro-Cuban music, along with their applications to the drumset. Detailed technical studies of each instrumen …

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Check out these mad guitar hero skills then check out that link

American Guitar Legend Scotty Moore led the 1950’s Rockabilly music scene. In this interview video clip he reflects on his first time buying a Gibson guitar and on meeting Elvis Presley, both instances led to Rock and Roll history.

Tracks Arte – Guitar Heroes ( 12 of 12 )

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