Ben – GH3 – Through the Fire and Flames – 754K – 9 Years Old

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Ben – Through the Fire and Flames – 754K Ben’s high score is 93[something]K! For some reason at about 3 mins the au…

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camryn119 says:

Am I the only one here that thinks Raining Blood is harder than this? This
song is sped up in the studio… Plus, Slayer is better than Studioforce.

TeOz Billzo says:

Y no strum?

Letski RS says:

nice life

Luis Olivares says:

This song is so easy on expert play Megadeth on expert

VillaRuizGT says:


Rammstein Soad says:

Then there’s me, that I finish this song at 85% in “Medium” level. And I am
14. WTF

Kyle Avila says:

Not because you need to push something in the guitar to the xbox to receive
it is fake that kid thinks he’s a pro but he’s a fucking idiot and his
parents to

Tails94able says:

What Guitar Hero 3 character is that on the tv screen at the beginning of
the video?

Skyler White says:

This kid is my neighbor. Sup Ben.

VilezGaming says:

I can do expert 86% on controller. Im 12 so it doesn’t count. This kid is
16 now o.o

ShinySpartan95 says:

Thats impossible to me :’(

Ryan Caven says:

I warm up for my GH playing by playing this song on Expert :3 Will probably
never do as well, though.

Sky Rim says:

Dang! that kid’s good! :D XD

thanos L says:

omg!!!!!! wtf how?

sethkye hardin says:

Man props to you kid i play guitar professionally and when i play this i
can barley get 80 percent 

Chihiro Fujisaki says:


Oliver Bien says:

This little guy still amazes me every time again. Guitar Hero Genius. Real
impressive gameplay there.

Robert Martinez says:

Liar faker I see the xbox has 4 controllers on that means hes a fake

Eric Pham says:

but who is this kid? how much time does he spend playing? i’m not stopping

Alex Yepez says:

It’s clearly fake because you can see hat it’s not matching the keys he

Nick Anglesey says:

like of you think this is fake

Gaston D'Aurfe says:

You could have spent all the time you trained in the game in actually
learning real guitar… this is retarded.

Bryce Cole says:

He wasnt even playin it the notes were movin faster than his fingers were


To the people calling this fake due to his strumming not matching the notes
you know there is a thing called “audio lag.” 

fanged guy gaming commentary. says:

I think he practices and all you fucking haters god damn. Its not fake you
retards if you look closely he messes up a few times god damn.

MaXiLLiaN1000 says:

Its not a freaking hard song, if I practised as much as this kid it would
be 100% every time

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