Canon Rock – Sungha Jung

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I just started the electric guitar 2 months ago. I think I have a lot to work on with it and I look forward to the journey! – Sungha Jung Sungha http://www.s…


nati60606 says:

okay. I’m sorry, but that was awful.
it felt like I uploaded tabs to a software and hit play.
where is your humanity man.
bend them strings, feel the transitions. this is not 11000101101101
this is musicccc.

lam pham says:

hơn 20 tr lượt xem ghê quá

ヨハンッソン阿尔宾 says:

I’m proud of being able to play this song on piano :D ^^

Jesse Kim says:

my first elec guitar :D

gamereviews99 says:

Holy crap, I have that same guitar! 

Sen Flores says:

I hope you’ve worked on tone, because despite your amazing playing,
electric guitar necessitates working with the tone and in this video it
sounds rather thin.

Like it needs to be rougher. (Just a tip to your past self, I’m sure the
Legendary Sungha Jung has already figured this out.)

Tony Touch says:

Wow this girl is really good.

azzkun says:

is this an anime song? 

licksnkicks says:

I think this dude has been playing longer than 2 months at the time of this
vid! He must of practiced 20 hours a day! lol

unknownexia says:

톤이 조금 그렇지만 잘하셨네요!

Martín Cortés says:

You’re Catholic!!…yes!!!

vagent nica says:

2:52 look at his hand O.O

SpiritualDimensionX says:

Only 2 months ago? He’s a genius.

Jaime Guzman says:

uffffff !!! buenisimo. Gracias.

Josué B.almeida says:

The best song ever !!!!!!

Silas Morais says:

Dude you are too good, both on the guitar as the guitar, use this talent
that God gave you to worship him alone !!

jwaller1231 says:

Little rough at the end, but all in all you killed it!! About a million
times better then I could EVER dream of doing this song!! Wouldn’t mind
seeing a vid of how far you’ve com in the last two years since this video
posted. Keep on rocking!!

YoungJae kim says:

That slg110s on the right side doe

asoka phantomhive says:

Super! Bravo!!^^

Das Erdmännchen says:

what is that guitar? it looks like a fender strat, but im not sure

itiZz al Qodir says:

Level : Asian. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Skywave says:

Is he a christian? I mean there is a cross behind him.

Khaldoun Leb says:

Voici le remix du “canon de Pachelbel en D”, ce zigoto joue super bien de
la guitare!!! :D

gwyneth portugal says:

I wish u can make tutorials

The Divine Path says:

This song sounds better on an autistic guitar

Poojan Tripathi says:

Asian !!
We can do anything :D
Hats off guitarist :3 

Simple3Thoughts says:

Does anyone know what guitar he uses? 

Pedo Bear says:

“I just started the electric guitar 2 months ago.”

LookAtMyFace says:

WTF that after 2 months of practise?!?!? fucking asians are insane 

helenusig says:

I looooove loooooove loooooove this! Awesome :D
I cannot stop looking at this video with an open mouth, because I am so
And well because I do play it on the piano and its nice to hear another
instrument version of canon

mamat saja says:

guy how to search song like this with no singer..i cant find keyword for

Anh Khoa Nguyễn Hồ says:

Are you alien?

Farrah Mae Frias says:

oh!em!geee!!! im 1 of your biggest fan! played effortlessly.!.i hope 1
day i can play as good as that!! :D

Juaquin Hammy says:

How does he do that high note at 1:40? Anyone knows?

Tome Rodrigo says:

I just started electric guitar 2 months ago… and I am practising 540
hours a day ….

Salinorb says:

he has a ring on his left hand. he got married already?

parhorasan tambunan says:


michele calabro says:

you are the best

beatkevin20 says:

Why so many views. He made a lot of mistakes 

eric40915 says:

I think you didn’t play well, comparing with your AG-playing video

kirashawol says:

i see a very interesting transparent-ish guitar in the back with a
classical guitar head– anyone care to tell me what’s up with that?

Satibun Ashuri Cabelis says:

DAMN! The music is too freaking good! Also, that skill… He’s too damn
good at stringed instruments.

raja hindustani says:

Still the best is mattrach…

PaiNzHD says:

Maybe a Les Paul and a Humbucker and that would sound much better.

Richard Dubiel III says:

I think it was done pretty damn well considering he only played for 2
months. However, I’m surprised that this has more views than JerryC’s lol

Muhammad SoBry22 says:

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