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GUITAR LESSONS AVAILABLE ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL. 19 VIDEOS COVERING MOST TOPICS. I wrote this Dmin guitar solo in early Novermber, 2006. As most of my solos go, it has a strong “Vivaldi: The Four Seasons” influence, and I play it on my 1986 Fender Stratocaster ( and yes, I’m a Toronto Maple Leafs fan!!! ). Enjoy!!!

This is a electric guitar cover of Spoonman-Soundgarden

Check out this phenomenal electric guitar cover by Ivo Cabrera of ‘All Of Me’, originally performed by John Legend. What do you think?

ZingZillas: Series 4: Electric Guitar



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The genius of
volume 1
with Benny Goodman’s Sextet and Big Band

BENNY GOODMAN SEXTET: Benny Goodman (cl), Lionel Hampton (vib), Charlie Christian (g), Fletcher Henderson (p), Artie Bernstein (b), Nick Fatool (dm) – oct. 2, 1939
01 Flying Home (Goodman – Hampton) 00:00
02 Rose Room (Hickman – Williams) 03:11
03 Stardust (Carmichael) 05:57

Same. – nov. 22, 1939
04 Soft Winds (Henderson – Goodman) 09:21
05 Memories of You (Blake – Razaf) 11:37
06 Seven Come Eleven (Goodman – Christian) 14:14

Same. Johnny Guarnieri (p) replaces Henderson – dec. 20, 1939
07 Shivers (Christian – Hampton) 17:31
08 AC/DC Current (Christian – Hampton – Goodman) 20:17
09 I’m Confessin’ (Neiburd – Dougherty – Reynolds) 23:04

Same. Count Basie (p) replaces Guarnieri – feb. 7, 1940
10 Till Tom Special (Goodman – Hampton) 26:05
11 Gone with “What” Wind (Basie – Goodman) 29:06

Same. Johnny Guarnieri (p) replaces Basie – april 3, 1940
12 The Sheik of Araby (Smith – Wheeler – Snyder) 32:27
13 Poor Butterfly (Golden – Hubbell) 35:42

Same. – april 10, 1940
14 Boy Meets Goy (Goodman) 38:32
15 I Surrender Dear (Clifford – Barris) 41:24
16 Six Appeal (Goodman) 44:23
17 These Foolish Things (Marvell – Strachey) 47:42
18 Good Enough To Keep (Goodman – Christian – Mundy) 50:53

Same. – dec. 16, 1939 (live rec.)
19 Dinah (Akst – Lewis – Young) 53:47

Same. – dec. 30, 1939 (live rec.)
20 Pick a Rib (Goodman) 56:44

21 Honeysuckle Rose (BG band) (Waller – Razaf) 59:45
arr. Fletcher Henderson / solos: Goodman (cl), Christian (g), Cootie Williams (tp)

CHARLIE CHRISTIAN is often reffered to as “the man who invented electric guitar”. Of course that isn’t true. He wasn’t even the first one to play jazz on the new instrument. But he certainly developed a way to do it that became default. He really invented the language for the electric guitar.
Born in 1916 not far for Dallas, Texas, he was only 23 when made his first record, Benny Goodman’s “Flying Home”, but, desoite his young age his original style was absolutely mature and definitive.
In a matter of hours Charlie changed forever the image of his instrument and influenced practically all present and future guitar players.
Less than three years later, not yet 26, he died of tubercolosis in New York, leaving behind an enormous empty space to be filled by a galore of guitar players all over the World who kept learning the lesson that some 30 sides of Benny Goodman records plus a very small bunch of other discs offered to them.
Nearly all of them are included in this two-volumes collection.
To be a little more complete, we added few tunes that the Goodman sextets never made in the studio but that survived thanks to recorded radio broadcasts

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Listen to a new electric guitar cover by Ivo Cabrera of the song ‘Pet Sematary’ by the Ramones. Are you a fan of this rendition?

Check out this fantastic electric guitar cover by Ivo Cabrera of Jason Aldean’s hit country song ‘Burnin’ It Down’. Such a nice twist on a great song!

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Wish you like it guys \m/

Organ & Electric Guitar Rap Beat Hip Hop Instrumental

Produced By Heriberto Vega (Hard Ways Beats)

Listen to a new electric guitar cover by Ivo Cabrera of the massive hit song ‘Maps’ by Maroon 5. Are you a fan of this rendition?

This recording of the Tristan und Isolde Prelude was done as an experiment to see what some of Wagner’s greatest music would sound like on the electric guitar and synthesizer in a quasi-orchestral multi-layered arrangement roughly adapted from the Mottl u. Kogel Edition Peters solo piano score.
The art comes from a variety of different sources and mostly shares the theme of Tristan and Iseult; a story based on Celtic legend from which Wagner’s opera was inspired.
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