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Reading Beginner Bass Guitar (Strings Series Bass Guitar) The Popular Colection Best Sellers

DOWNLOAD EBOOK Songs to Seven Strings: Russian Guitar Poetry and Soviet Mass Song (Soviet History, Politics, Society and Thought Series) For Ipad


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Reading Beginner Guitar Book 1 (Strings Series) The Popular Colection Best Sellers

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Kubo and the Two Strings: While My Guitar Gently Weeps

New strings are like “fresh clothes” for a guitar

Video: Best Strings for Maple fretboard new generation guitars please watch at the description of that video where I posted the relevant links

How to put the Strings On (Restring)


D’Addario Flamenco EJ25B with Black Trebles


Ways for the strings on your bridge

Just need 2 things to learn
Do it yourself…and be confused forever
Leaning flamenco online
Repetition, It Cuts Both Ways…

How to Practice

Paco Vs Traditional

*Ex.1/ 00:14 solo 1
Ex.2/ 12:46 solo 2
Ex.3/ 01:16 Topic

5 common misunderstandings

1) That is all about feeling and not technique.
2) That the “Duende” is all a mystery.
3) That there is no need to count (out loud) to learn the rhythm.
4) That it takes a lot of hours to get things done.
5) That using the metronome is a “classical” thing and not for flamenco.


5 popular notions which are erroneous

1) That technique is boring to practice.
2) That is the amount of time of practice that counts.
3) That learning a bit of many things is better than leaning one deeply.
4) That playing as a hobby is less than playing “professionally”
5) That one can not achieve.


On Feb.25/2015 is already one year of Paco´s disappearance
(and I create 4 videos to remember him as a Tribute)

1) My Homage to Paco de Lucia (memorable teacher

2) Paco advocate improvisation as THE path to be followed

3) Paco and his vital conflict with boring + obsolete “tradition”

4) Paco´s advise to use an standard metronome for practice


Repetition, It Cuts Both Ways…


5 popular phony ideas about guitar practice (6)

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String Stopping – great acoustic guitar technique | Strings By Mail Lessonette


Sins and Strings: Can’t help falling in love (classical guitar cover)

Evolution Acoustic Guitar Steel Strings – Walkthrough Demonstration

Periphery – Psychosphere // (6 Strings) Guitar Cover

*Flaw Detection Guidelines
Anti-brainwash update, what is a “flamenco guitar sound” …?

“Difference between old-fashioned and Modern guitars”

Without playing at our level how a Luthier knows what is play-ability for us…?

Modern vs.Old fashioned flamenco guitars

Solving limitations of outdated proposals

9 Novelties of the modern flamenco guitars

1 Maple fretboard

The Pandora’s box of Spanish flamenco guitars

^Ex.1/ 00:14 solo 1
Ex.2/ 06:51 solo 2
Ex.3/ 01:30 topic


Strings, fret division , fret-boards and tuning