une pitite sik magnifique de Satriani, et je sais osi la jouer!!

How to play sweep picking arpeggios at electric guitar

N’ayant pas u bon playback, j’ai joué sur l’original. Désolé pour les puristes

The ZingZillas are very excited because all their instruments have been cleaned and polished. Being lead singer, Zak does not have a newly-polished instrument and so DJ Loose has sent him a new broom instead. Tang, Panzee and Drum cannot wait to play their instruments and so they all head over to the glade to get some ideas for the Big Zing.

In the glade DJ Loose introduces them to the BMQ – a very loud rock band. The ZingZillas love the sound and Zak particularly likes the way they play their rock guitars, so they decide to do a rock music Big Zing and head back to the clubhouse to rehearse. Zak is not happy though – he really wants to play rock guitar too and announces that he does not want to be in the Big Zing unless he can play guitar. The others try to help him but he will never be able to learn in time for the Big Zing so heads over to DJ Loose for some advice.

DJ suggests that Zak rocks along to the rocking music instead. Although rocking to the music is great fun Zak still wants to play rock guitar. He heads down to find Todd to see if he has any suggestions. Zak finds Todd over near the glade. He is listening to the rock music and playing rock broom guitar. Todd explains that even if you cannot play guitar it is fun to pretend you can – all you need is a broom! Zak has a go with his broom and really enjoys it. Todd has saved the day and both he and Zak play rock broom guitar in the Big Zing.

Guest performer: The BMQ