Free Guitar Lessons – How to Play Acoustic Guitar – Easy Chords and Embellishments

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Robert Sorge says:

That sounds awesome.

himansh kohli says:

Thanks man very helpful :)

Melanie Domec says:

im getting a guitar this week so this would really help. 

Mona aldona says:


michelle cimmino says:

i soooo appreciate you … ive wanted to loosen up .. assertion …the
skill/confidence to teach .. thank you for the fresh insight :)

cameronrh747 says:

Would you be able to give us a tutorial on free buy rudimental feat. Emile

TheElevatedSquirrel says:

You are clearly high on pot. #Nice

petarbuliev says:

0:41 why is there a hidden frame?

sand naylor says:


ImTwixtorXD says:

@MrsCrazyfunn its a joint u retard

AudioVII says:

30 of those dislike are the person that didn’t Know how to listen -_-

ashrafi hasan says:

omg im buying a guitar this weekend so this vid will relly help me! :D

Crazy People says:

better if he keeps silent .Seems wiser

ROBIE V says:

what was it

AmpharosFreak7714 says:

also remember guitar players are the chillest people on this planet, no one
will judge you, instead they are proud to teach another person the art of
the guitar:) keep rocking!

TheBarryNoVa says:

@LRaine16 may be a good thing to do between exams to chill out to. either
way good luck.

TheBarryNoVa says:

@LRaine16 buy a guitar and put in some practice and you will be able to sounds silly but its true.guitar is something that you get out what
you put marty here is a wicked teacher.been learning for 2 years
with his free lessons on here and just messing about on my own and id say
im at a standard that im fairly happy with.i see growth all the buy
a guitar and get wont regret may not like the soar
fingers at the start but that goes after time.good luck : )

Joe Doe says:

Awesome lesson man

Kelly Reeves says:

Sweet dude, glad I came across your video. Makes it simple for a girl like
me, who had brain surgery back in 2008. Been singing my whole life but I
want to play the GEETAR!!=) Your video / e book will make this journey alot
easier for me and that your showing these lessons for free is way cool of
you, Rock on baby=)!!!

North Star says:

Cheech and Chong

akelahb94 says:

he looks like the old version of jason mraz

whzkd says:

@MrsCrazyfunn That there looks like a quarter pounder, man.

Jake Boast says:

lol even tho you are likly a bot the video clearly says ‘easy’ so if you
arnt a ‘newbie’ why click the video?


Is that a fender or a gibson ?

William Orr says:

Hey Marty my man! I just had to fav.. you and tell my buddies at the
college about you.. I just wish I could afford the dvd’s and video’s your
the only one out there I recomend these days.

Mc99Cann says:

I like you dude!!

thomas testani says:

lol wtf

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