How to play ‘Disposable Heroes’ by Metallica Guitar Solo Lesson w/tabs

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Hi guys! Welcome episode 156 of Learn That Solo! Today we’ll look at the solo in ‘Disposable Heroes’ by Metallica. Tuning: E A D G B E (Standard) This solo is pretty win. I never listened…

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Sandarpan says:

Just my opinion but I kinda find most Metallica solos lacking structure and
direction. There are like fast licks thrown together that fit the chord

Mintzer0 says:

awesome vid man, what do you think about hope your feeling better by
santana, or the solo to kick the chair by megadeth?

Fridrix says:

could you teach metallicas Call Of Ktulu solo? I really need it. Keep in
mind that you are the best solo teacher on youtube. :)

MattyPS says:

Welcome back man, seeing you on my homepage with a new video literally made
me smile. How many hours of jet lag? :) Thanks for the mention also! haha

Onoie Andrei says:

Hey Chris how’s that album of yours coming along ? Any ETA’s ?

josue recinos says:

Hey chris I emailed you about which guitar I should buy. Well I got the se
custom 24 but in the same color as your 7 string. Btw love your lessons 

waterblonk says:

Holy shit! He mentioned me at the beginning.

bvc11111 says:

Thank you for the awesome lesson! This and Shortest Straw are my favorite
Metallica solos. 

Im DeeVee8 says:

I wish ubisoft would hire you and you could work with the guys at rocksmith

Max Durk says:

My favorite metallica solo for sure

ligamentpull1 says:

Metallica gave Kirk way to much time with his solos, especially on this
album.MOP is a masterpiece, but most of his solos lack feel, flow, and
aren’t that memorable.

Shreyan Roy says:

@Sandarpan I know right!

33333 44444 says:

Heh nice tutorial

Filip Czarny says:

Hey Chris, great lesson! Its really nice to have you back, I hope you had a
wonderful vacation. If you have some time can you make a lesson video for a
Periphery solo? With the new albums coming out it would be great to see
some Periphery. Perhaps Luck As A Constant or Guthrie Govan’s solo in Have
A Blast! Thanks

mario fernando Castillo says:

congratulations you´re the best teacher ever please solo of jump in the
fire to continue with metallica plz thank you

X Gregar says:

Nice video even though I’m not a huge fan of the Metallica solo’s (I’m more
of a Michael Amott fan). Quick question though, do you install any custom
pickups on your guitars or do you just use all stock?

Christian Dinero says:

Awesome tutorial chris! Thanks for teaching, ive been having a hard time
learning his by ear, but now i dont have to. I learned this eith in like
half a day thanks to your video. Keep up the good work Chris!!!!

סהר יוסף says:

Hey chris, can you please make a video on the song “Taciturn” By Stone sour?
i cant seem to break the solo down by myself it’ll be really helpful if you
do it :)

REALMZ says:

Long time no see Mr. Zoupa, hope you had a nice vacation. Welcome back home
man! :)

HouseMusicLover001 says:

I can’t play this because of my 21 fret guitar omg

Mr. Walrus says:

Can you do a tutorial for Scream Aim Fire by Bullet for my Valentine? Thank

MaD MaxXx says:

Can you please do a video on how to play locust by machine head? :D
Great stuff btw

PancakeBox says:

35 mins.
Holy crap. Thank Chris! Missed you baby! :D


awesome as again nice work man thank for this lesson

Rurkov82 says:

doesn’t matter fast lick or wathever sound great

googlebriberywizard+ says:

Great lesson with tabs and sections.Definitely one of the better lessons on

Batikan Eyiboglu says:

Welcome back Chris! Good lesson to start off the year :) 

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