(Maroon 5) Payphone – Sungha Jung

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Sungha http://www.sunghajung.com arranged and played “payphone” Sungha Jung’s All CD http://www.sunghajung.com Sungha Jung’s Album Itunes Perfect Blue Itunes…


Gianna ヂアナ 지아나 says:

You guys are all a bunch of rude people… Does he honestly look like a
girl to you or are you an idiot? 


I just got into guitar, and wondered what the grey thing infront of the
guitar-hole was for?
Yes I am stupid, but as said, I just got into guitar.

Johnny Lee says:

Is this darude sand storm?

No jk I know what it is, great song btw

Xiia0Sn00pY says:

igor seems more relaxed compared to him, but nonetheless hes good as well

Patrick Brouillette says:

This Is Amazing. I’m attempting to learn it and yeah, attempting can say a

Max Murden says:

It’s great, that song always sounds good but your cover is in a class of
it’s own!!

Patrick Dilla says:

U make me cry when i hear this because its beautiful to hear one who have
feelings in the song

Love u idol 

Ana Agudo says:

is it okey if I use some of your melodies to make covers? If I do it, I`ll
tell that are you playing the guitar XD whatever thank you ^^

Blaze Master says:

I just got into guitar I’m learning pretty fast and I hope I can play as
amazingly as this guy he is a true master!

stefania s. says:

I love all your covers, beautiful play guitar, you are very talented, is
beautiful, many blessings

john paranada says:

what happen to you finger and keep up the good work

Guanyan Chen says:

Ive picked up my guitar again because of you man..Thanks!

Terry Bon says:

I can’t feel what I feel from Andy Mckee from him. It sounds like listening
to Andy Mckee playing with 4 fingers when it’s his really bad day after a
bottle of vodka. 

jesus segura says:

ROCK ON! He even enjoys it when playing! Berly learning fingerstyle! Seems
Challenging ! 

Arush Karia says:

Omg. So awesome!!

DerTakamoto says:

Heyo, fantastic! 

WERO T.V says:

-Tenia que ser asiatico.

OMALIE Durand says:

Had the pleasure and honor of sharing the stage with Sungha Jung in DC and
it one hell of a player… he have grown up a bit but still a bad ass on
guitar.. hope we meet again sometime… Music is Life..

Carrie DiLeo says:

Awesome cover. You play beautiful. 

Anaiz Ferrer says:

Woah mind blown you are amazing man keep rocking

abdul abdul says:

I wanna be like him…. Ooooh my oh my.
What a lovely playing

valsk fx says:

you’ve grown very much!!

افلام عربى says:

Fuck u Sungha you make it looks so easy to play hahaha like it …so
professional :D

Iris Chao says:

You reminded me of this song. I really liked it when I was in 4th grade (I
THINK it was 4th grade… not sure) I love the sound of this song on
guitar! Great job!!!

Panyone Thawe says:

Hi. My sis said you are so cute can i get your facebook.com my sis said

Zeni Lestari says:

sungha jangan merem aja wkkwwk

Julieta Novoa says:

Como se escribiría payphone en chino o japones ? Gracias !

top 10 arabic says:

lost in that feeling *_* 

bayu rachmanw says:

you are the best of the best sunga jung <3

GuitarMaster says:

Is he wearing some sort of finger pick other than the thumb pick? Or are
those just his nails? ._. 

moni aguilar says:

OMG! You’re all grown up <3 I’ve been following your tracts when you were
once that cutee kiddo! Can’t believe im not over you yet :3 <3 

Trong Mai says:


Jorge Camargo says:

me gustaria ver si esq puedes sacar la cancion de you’re beautiful de james

will manon says:

hey Juny just because your not as talented as him doesn’t mean your
jealousy has to rain on his parade and if you don’t like to way he looks
maybe you shouldn’t watch it

Linh Tran says:

Finally….his videos aren’t blocked in my country anymore!! I’ve waited
for so long. 

sandra amir says:

open ur eyes pleaze -_- perfect 

Gamma says:

I doesn’t metter what the hell you do! always one asiatic will do better
than you! This guy is amazing!

Juny Lim says:

The people who dislike this video are the jealous ones
The ones who like it are awesome people ! ;)

Helen Z says:

It’s even better since he is enjoying it!

Ahmed Adnan says:

I made a cover of this version (payphone sungha jung version cover) on my
channel, any feedback would be appreciated.

Luke Chung says:

this hoe sucks

no im just kidding hes awesomeeeeeeeeee XD

GeoGamersSociety13 says:

what is grey thing inside the strings not the capo

michael morash says:

is it just me or does anyone else like seeing how much he enjoys playing
more then just listning to it :D!!!

Tiffany Miller says:

This guy is awesome

Farb Time says:

Krass wie er mit den Fingern die Seiten anschlägt.

ccmoorman30 says:

This is about music, not looks. Give it a rest people hahaha.

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