Speed Kills by Michael Angelo Batio

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http://metalmethod.com/speed-kills-1991-original-version/ – Readers of Guitar World Magazine chose Michael Angelo Batio as the fastest guitarist of all time….


Kenneth Manesse Sr. says:

There is NO speeding up of this video … it’s the real thing! *Do you
think you could do this?* Enjoy!

Oh by the way, wait for 2:58 and tell me what you think?

imad laraj says:

try to do it

familyduenas says:

Huh………..good lesson…….

deathangel8627 says:


uutooyu says:

emotional content not anger.

Chris ayres says:

what i dont get is when i ask anyone in the street if they have heard of
Michael Angelo they think im talking about that guy who painted Jesus yet
when i ask if they have heard of Slash everyone knows who he is which dont
make sense when MAB is 1 million times faster than Slash lol

johnnydanger006 says:

Batio is a master…I call him Master-batio. lulz.

Facundo Garrido says:

I dont want the freaking lamborghini I want to play l like you….

waseem says:

He didn’t give us keys, he dangled them in front of us, hopped in the
lambo, and drove donuts around us and took off.

makotoDX1 says:


Guitarman4501 says:

and thats just his comfortable speed. Imganie how he practices.

DrWaui says:

I don’t get why MAB doesn’t get invitied to those G3 shows with Satch,
Yngwie, Vai, etc.

124gwalker says:

The only reason I aint going to try this. I dont have enough frets. Lmfao.
That shit is warp speed. Im surprised the neck aint smoking by the end.

Alex River says:

I love this men

unopeligroso99 says:


jimlap777 says:

I bought this on VHS a long time ago… ;)

ranu asmoro says:

the magic of michael angelo


30 fret ??

1Daddoz1 says:

How can any REAL musician NOT like this? The guy is simply amazing.

Emerson Lima says:

O.O What is the matter with this man in 2:55?

jeromelim007 says:

30 frets guitar is the first requirement on how to play this. haha. :P

Diego asd says:

2:55 r u fuking kiddiing me -.-!

Captain Brannigan says:

Jesus Christ, hes giving me the keys to the Lamborghini & I dont think im
ready 0_o

mainguysimon says:

he do represent well gold gym

Pitoinculo69 says:

this is what inspires me to become a guitarist

ShinyCLEM says:

@Paul Felice A Whammy pedal can simulate a dive :). Not an expert but i
believe he used a Whammy (in the intro), so maybe… Not sure !

Muhammad Adnan H says:

fuck yeah!

McMinnManiac says:

that was so great MAB is awesome

Rude B. says:

Holy shit! number 1!

john saville says:


Kaysen Miner says:

At the end of the video he should say “Just kidding, you’ll never be as
good as me. Now replay the video to try and understand what just happened.”

tayron27 says:

Fucking hell.This guy is Beethoven all over again.Best guitar player ever
as far as skill,speed and agility go-he was born with a plectrum in his

jude mcilwaine says:

Does he play any fast stuff?

izzy hendrix says:

i love 2:00

DiablosAguacate says:

How many years does it take to play this well?

Sidivan says:

I’m by no means an amazing guitar player, but I can follow some of this.
The majority of the solo is basically minor scale runs and arpeggios at
blistering speeds. He opens up with a simple minor arpeggio of the
background chord. Does some stuff in the scale and then creates a chord
progression via arpeggios all over the neck. Listen to the bass after that.
He’s just pulling out the top 1/2 of each chord in relation to the key he’s
in until about 2:52. Melody line, then more arpeggios.

Akshay Mukund says:

More like Michael kills speed.

Eric Kingma says:

4:09 to 4:20, my favorite part

Bit Crusher says:

0:42 is the single best line ever

Wesley Sandoval says:

Chuck Norris?

T3HM3T4L says:

Look at his hand go up and down his guitar neck at such a speed. More like
Michael Angelo MasturBatio.

felixb465 says:

Holy shit thats freaky

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