World’s Best Guitar Player Unbelievable

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Amin Toofani at Harvard shows his jaw dropping skills with guitar. It is Jaw Dropping. See yourself to believe it. Subscribe to my channel for more Jaw dropp…

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Soham Singh says:

El diablo he’s fantastic & I love the Mexican style of music

Kidus Eshetu says:

am i the only one who saw the guitar literally catch fire at 6:26 ?

Sachiel Otaku says:

what he’s doing here is not as hard as it looks.

AnObserver says:

Best? This shitskin isn’t in the top 100.

Oh, and the guitar is a European instrument…

Megha Singhania says:


Hongjoo Lee says:

I don’t understand why this disastrous play keeps showing on my search list
even I already had clicked the thumb down button. I need spam filter for
youtube for this reason. It’s just an ordinary play that one can make as an
hobby and totally acceptable. I would not say bad like this if there were
no jaw dropping exaggerated title and description.

我在这里放个话 says:


southweststrangla420 says:

oh i forgot one, marty friedman hes good too

Alex Price says:

Rolling Stone needs to rethink their 100 Greatest Guitarist list. This guy
should be no.1! Hendrix who?! This guy is brilliant

Aggelos tou ouranou says:

How is it called this type of music he’s playing??

Amon Rop says:

If you’ve heard better then post it.Harvad is not for fools 

Richard Ibarra says:

Did ANYONE see fire on the guitar at 6:27 ??? Or was that just me.. This
isn’t a joke either by the way…
I don’t know if it was a glitch of my screen but the screen goes black for
a second and the picture distorted back to normal and on the neck of the
guitar there appears a flame…

Eric Pfaff says:

To all you haters, shut the F up, this video has 17 million plus views.
When you can produce a YouTube video that has 17 million plus views, then
you are allowed to talk shit. But until that day comes, (and it never will
for any of you) STFU losers.
Also, this guy is badass.

Quantum Drift says:

He might not be world’s best guitar player, but he is really good tbh.
Nice video :)

M Caesar says:

God you people suck..why can’t u just say that was awesome and that’s it,
ur actually fighting over this dudes ability…fukn dumb ass dipshits.

ToothyGus says:

NO guitarist worth their salt will play it left handed then switch it to
the other side. pretentious fool

PlayingGuitarRules1 says:

I guess Harvard has changed the definition of “best” this is more
mediocre..if even

Snapboy7764 says:

What’s this style of playing called? Is there a name?

kissing88 says:

Did the room go dark and his guitar went on fire at 6:20 ? Or am I just
hallucinating again ?

DC Shinobi says:

Wow.. stop hating.. you’re only hating yourself.. this guy put his heart
into it.. that automatically qualifies as good.

redovercast111 says:

My graphics card messed up near the end of the video so it looked like his
shoulder caught fire

Dan L says:

Not even good. Why does everyone from Harvard think they’re great when the
truth is they just have rich parents? Technique was intermediate at best
and the composition was so thin, bland, and repetitive it’s hard to believe
anyone was truly enjoying it. Just goes to show how useless these self
glorifying aristocratic douche bags are. 

Ivan West says:

World’s best? Are you joking? Man please… jimmy page, Young, lynyrd
skynyrd’s guitarist, and so many more.
This harvard kids believe they so special, sure there are hidden talents
there, but it’s mostly their parents money speaking.

Angelo James Mordini says:

6:28 did no one else see that 6:25-6:28 the backround is black and weird
then the guitar looks like it’s on fire

ethan sean says:

how does this represent “gradtitude” or how ever u spell it. he says
nothing to represent the school or anything at all

999HATE999 says:

World’s most Unbelievably AVERAGE Guitar Player

sumerolu says:

Not even remotely near the best in the world!

yugesh rajbhandari says:

I want to learn this please somebody say me how can I get guitar lessons
for this song 

Tyler Durden says:

World’s Best Guitar Player is abit of a over statement

Shawn Blue says:

I’ve been playing guitar for 9 years straight, and gave lessons for a good
4 years to pay my way in school, with lots of buddy’s that play classic.
And if you call this easy your a fucking nigger, classical guitar isn’t
something you just ‘pick up’, this guy probably had lots of time to prepare
but this wasn’t learn over night.

ev3nflow says:

he’s no les claypool

Ben Yefet says:

I think there’s no such thing as The World’s Best Guitar Player it just
doesn’t exist because everybody like something different and someone might
say that he don’t like the way he is playing and might say on someone who
is like he is a good play.

Miranda Murray says:

Dude, im 13 and i can do this….

heresjohnny777 says:

The Mariachi guitarist in my local Mexican restaurant sounds just like

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