Worlds most impossible gh3 song!!

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shroomns says:

I could do that in my sleep

Apple Mayhem says:

What’s the song called?

SpyroN7 says:

QUIT GAME NOW, WARNING is now my favourite group lol

OhKelseyYou says:

I remember seeing this in 2008. Me, my friend, and my brother enjoyed
watching this! This video is like a Youtube classic!

PronssiMuna123 says:

Your TV is a piece of shit.

natedawgnz117 says:

u actually suck at this i know a few people who have done this and they
said it was so hard harder than through the fire and flames

Javien says:

You should play it on easy

DemiGod110 says:

Wow if anyone ever 100% this song they honestly have no life or way way to
much time on there hands.

EdgeOf1996 says:

I would love to see this with an auto-play bot 

Micah Robinson says:

button mash it just mash it 

CriticalEnmity says:

What is the actual name of this song?

TheFreek753 says:

Easy song, i already FCed it.

DragoSonicMile says:

~We three kings of Orient are
Singing a song to play by guitar
Heroes strumming, players humming
Now let’s catch them off guard~
*impossible stream of notes*

Bubu HUN says:

Music name?

crashthehedgehog92 says:

It doesn’t look that hard (lie

arrowwolf aj says:

Chuck Norris got all the notes

Mario The Plumer says:

What happened at 3:11 ?

Mammonocalypse says:

My god! Not only this was his most popular video on his channel, this is
the most popular video relating to GUITAR HERO ON THE WHOLE YOUTUBE!!!

Hunter D says:

lol this is stupid not even possible

ineedahammer1 says:

That song isn’t to bad what is it??

MisterMasuo says:


QuickStrike0065 says:

If it is impossible then why is it on Guitar Hero? It would not have been
made otherwise.

Tim Eberhardt says:

omg this guy isn´t good, all guys can klick fast, he is a fucking noob.
Nerd noob game.this guy believe that he is good

Moonstar -Destiny- says:

what is the song?

PowerPlant says:

>.< Not the worlds hardest i can make a nonstop 5 note hit one every millisecond

★ • LogMr.R • ★ says:

What is the name of this song?

Jackson Posey says:


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